European Cigar Cult Magazine, Spring 2009
Panama: one of "the most important cultivable areas
for tobacco, which, as is generally known, grows only
in narrowly defined regions of the world blessed with
favorable climate and the corresponding soil. For – as
the connoisseur knows – there are no good cigars with
bad tobacco."

Smoke Magazine, November 2008
Review Especial#1: Overall rating 8.9

Panelist #1: This cigar says slow down and relax. It will not allow you to rush through this fine experience. 9.3 EXCELLENT

Panelist #2: A solid performer from head to foot, both in construction as well as in the flavor department. 8.8 VERY GOOD

Panelist #3 Overall, this was an enjoyable smoke. A little tricky at first, but worth the wait for it to get good. 8.7 VERY GOOD

Panelist #4 The progression of this cigar makes it worth smoking. It keeps your attention all the way. 8.8 VERY GOOD

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